Learn how to create unique designs on fabric, and explore a number of techniques for transferring the designs you create. Also learn how to incorporate your fabrics into hand crafted projects. Together we’ll cover techniques like screen printing, stencilling, block printing and more.
Having discovered the delights of Ginjinha served in delectable chocolate shot glasses, you’ll want to take some home and serve it to your friends again and again.
Create your own version of a Portuguese calçada– those distinctive black and white patterned sidewalks so evocative of Lisbon. Make a gorgeous mosaic tray to serve your cafézinho and pastries.
Capture the magic of Lisbon and Sintra in this contemporary collection of 9 mini-canvases to display together in a special place back home.  Explore chalk paint techniques, washi tape décor, stencilled details as well as photo, paper and tissue appliqué to create a one-of-a-kind reminiscent mixed media art piece.

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